Friday, July 6, 2012

Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa 2011/2012

Program : Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa 2011/2012
Date : 3rd - 10th September 2011
Venue : UTM

Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa was an orientation week for the first year students. Every year, the Office of Student Affairs and Alumni (HEMA) are going to handle this program. The orientation week usually happened one week before the semester starts.

As one of the Student Representative Council, I will be automatically included in one of the crew. During this whole week, I'd been helping most of the units in the main organization such as Cultural Night Unit, Technician Unit and most of the time, I did a lot of Department of Unity and Information (Jabatan Perpaduan, Penerangan dan Informasi; JPPI) stuffs. Besides, I were also helping my faculty during the registration days.

The juniors.

Helping the Cultural Night Unit by becoming an usher.

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